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Finsilva launches new biodiversity and climate programme

Finsilva’s new biodiversity and climate programme aims to safeguard and increase the biodiversity of forests and address the climate change challenge.

Forest and natural capital company Finsilva plc is one of Europe’s largest private and independent forest owners. Our biodiversity and climate programme presents the most important measures to increase biodiversity and address the climate change challenge.

“Our goals are nature positive forestry by 2030 and continuous improvement,” says Juha Hakkarainen, Managing Director at Finsilva.

This is achieved by developing new practices to improve biodiversity, increasing active nature management, protecting valuable areas, promoting research and stakeholder cooperation and by monitoring and analysing the biodiversity impacts of our measures.

“With this programme, Finsilva contributes to the achievement of Finland’s climate goals and carbon neutrality by 2035. We increase carbon sinks and pools and facilitate the production of clean energy,” Hakkarainen notes.

Finsilva wants to be a well-known pioneer and influencer in the responsible and diverse
utilisation of forest and natural capital.

“The development of biodiversity and the carbon sequestration of forests is a huge business opportunity for Finsilva. We profit from our responsible operations in the financial, service and product markets,” Hakkarainen says.

The program is continuously updated based on the latest research-based knowledge and insights gained through our development work.