Opportunities for renewable energy

Renewable energy

We conclude concessions contracts and provide cost-efficient operational platforms for even the largest solar and wind parks.

All the land you need for your project – from a single forest owner

Our forests are ideal for wind power generation, with plenty of windy sites that are far from settlements. In general, forests are also more suitable for wind farms than many other land-use categories.

As Finsilva’s partners, renewable energy companies benefit from the large contiguous forest areas we own. Ideally, we can provide the energy company with all the land needed to build power plants, making the negotiation process much easier than with several individual forest owners. When needed, we include other forest owners in our renewable energy projects.

Nature-friendly construction through environmental compensation

We provide diverse options for compensating for the loss of biodiversity due to building power plants on our land.

Wind and solar energy are sustainable forms of renewable energy. Acceptability can be improved through compensations for forest and biodiversity loss. Finsilva prevents biodiversity loss caused by renewable energy projects through additional forest protection or restoration, thus compensating for the unavoidable negative effects associated with the projects’ construction phase. Finsilva’s aim is to implement biodiversity-positive renewable energy projects.

Want to know more?

For questions about renewable energy projects in forests, please contact our CEO Juha Hakkarainen (juha.hakkarainen[a]finsilva.fi).