Economic, social and ecological well being from nature

Finsilva is a forest and natural capital company

Who we are?

Finsilva plc is Finland’s 4th largest and one of Europe’s leading private and independent forest owners. We own roughly 130,000 hectares of well-managed forest, most of which is located in Southern and Central Finland.

We generate economic, social and ecological well-being by developing sustainable forestry and creating profitable business on renewable energy ecological compensations. The core of our business is forestry, renewable energy, and real estate development.

Leading forestry into the future

As a major industry operator in forestry, we are actively developing the overall business and the markets. With our own research and development work, we add to the common information and knowledge pool for forestry while strengthening our own position.

Today, we create new business by being part of defining the compensation markets and developing the commercial potential of hunting and recreational use of forests and water areas.

Strategic focus in 2022–2027

  1. We continue to develop wood trade and forest management.
  2. We create new business with our current portfolio.
  3. We strengthen our brand and awareness.
  4. We raise responsibility and nature’s diversity to the spotlight.

Our mission

”We generate economic, social and ecological well being from nature.”

Our vision

”We want to be a well-known pioneer and opinion leader in the responsible and diverse utilisation of sustainable forest and natural capital.”

Finsilva’s forest assets and natural capital

  • Forest area, approximately 130,000 ha
  • Average annual felling plan 600 000 – 650 000 m3
  • Total amount of growing stock 15,2 million m3
  • Annual growth 720 000 m3


Stable finances and long-term partnerships, together with our professional and costefficient organization, provide a solid basis for target-oriented and profitable growth.

Financial key figures (2023)
Turnover: 35.4 M€
Other incomes: 8.2 M€
EBIT: 35.5 M€
Net profit: 26.3 M€

Finsilva’s Board of Directors

Finsilva is owned by the forest funds of Dasos Capital Oy Ltd, and Metsärahasto II Ky (Ilmarinen).

Olli Haltia, Chairman of the board, Dasos Capital Oy
Peter Immonen, WIP Asset management Oy
Antti Kylmänen, Ilmarinen
Sami Veijalainen, Dasos Capital Oy

History of Finsilva

Finsilva’s history in forest property is rooted in Gustaf Adolf Serlachius’s forests from the 19th century. The forests were merged with Metsäliiton Teollisuus Ltd. in the 1980s. The forests were first incorporated into Forestia Ltd. and then merged with Finsilva Ltd., founded in 2005.

Metsäliitto Cooperative and MTK (The Central Union of Agricultural Producers and Forest Owners) ownership of Finsilva lasted until February 2022 when their remaining shares were sold to the forest fund of Dasos Capital Oy Ltd. Finsilva is currently owned by Dasos forest funds (Finnish fund management company) and pension insurance company Ilmarinen.

Metsäliitto Cooperative remains Finsilva’s main partner in forest trade, forestry, and real estate development. Finsilva is a shareholder in Metsäliitto Cooperative.

Company brochure

You can also read our company brochure, where we have summarised the essentials of Finsilva’s current situation and objectives.