Boosting local vitality

Real estate development

We practice responsible business that adds to local vitality. We seek and develop new forms of forest and land use that are based on the changing needs of mankind and society at large. We actively participate in real estate development, guardianship and contract management.

Better profits through real estate development

Real estate development seeks more productive uses than forestry for properties whose location and other characteristics offer favourable development opportunities. The most important forms of real estate development include the sales of shore plots, supplementary land, and soil material areas.

Land use and development opportunities are guided by a land use planning system. Finsilva has extensive experience in participating in planning processes. In cooperation with authorities, neighbours and other stakeholders, we actively seek land use solutions that take into account the interests of the environment and the landowner.

An expert partner for contract management

The development of real estate assets requires reliable contract management based on a geographic information system. Contracts are concluded with utility companies, soil companies, road users and hunting clubs, among others. Finsilva is an expert, efficient and approachable contract partner.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about real estate development, you can directly reach out to our contact person for real estate in your area.