Forestry - Finsilva


Finsilva forestry is active and takes into account the different uses of forests

Forestry is profitable

The aim is to provide cost-effective, high-quality roundwood with a wide range of processing possibilities and a good demand in the future. Good return on investment in forestry is achieved by rapid renewal, using the proper types of wood, as well as timely and effective treatment measures and harvests. Income from fellings and silviculture spending schedule are in an important role in the profitability of forest ownership. Costs and returns are always reviewed in the perspective of the entire growth chain and the rotation time. The aim is to keep the value of forest growth at the highest level possible.

We care for nature

It is possible to effectively combine forests’ natural treatment and the profitable production of wood. Legal requirements and certifications are taken into account both in the planning and the implementation of the measures. Natural treatment focus in particular on the preservation of the biodiversity of key habitats. Water protection is ensured by adequate protection zones and the measures conducted in connection with water protection plans and measures.

Our forests offer great recreational possibilities

Good forest management is the best guarantee also a wide range of forest recreational facilities. Different options for recreational use vary depending on the age of the forests and the stage of silviculture. Areas in active recreational use are given special attention considering felling areas and reform sectors. Also, the tree species selection can be varied and the quantity of deciduous trees can be higher. The available active paths are maintained alongside forest management. Finsilva also makes agreements on regional or nationwide hiking, cross country skiing and snowmobile trails. Finsilva’s forest roads will be kept in good condition so that it would serve the needs of both forestry and recreational use. Finsilva’s forest areas for hunting are mainly rented out to local hunting clubs.


Our goal is good profitability of forest industry while respecting nature and preserving the possibility for recreational use.

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